Tervis Customizer + Ecomm Website

Having recently gone through a complete rebranding effort in 2010, it was high time to bring the Tervis e-commerce website up to the new spec. Tervis® Tumbler Company, makers since 1946 of the iconic Tervis tumblers, turned to Akavit for the project. Akavit was tasked with extending the new offline brand to its digital form, improving the user experience, creating the design look and feel, attacking a big list of business goals, and significantly moving the needle forward for an already successful

Okay great, but the whole project got our gang to thinking—How can we interactively bring this cheerful, creative drinkware to life in a way never done before?

The answer: A unique online environment that lets users create their own custom drinkware, that’s how.

Diving headfirst into the design and implementation of the cool and colorful Tervis CustoMYzer, the Akavit team built the mass-customization tool complete with everything from drawing tools and designer backgrounds to a text editor, stamps and a 3D design preview. And the results are pretty impressive if we do say so ourselves.

Now, thanks to this highly intuitive online gizmo, even the most novice designer (and experts, too) can quickly and easily create something as unique as they are. Yep, even your grandma.