Chrome Customs + Campaign

Customization is not new to Chrome. From the beginning their customers have painted, stuck stickers, sewn patches on them and generally sought to create something unique. Being a passion brand, Chrome customers typically feel a strong sense of satisfaction in owning a product that is still “underground” and sexy – yet highly functional and high quality. Providing them a collaborative customization option prior to sale is simply the next step in the development of this Lovemark brand.

A fully interactive, real-time Customizer that allows users to choose panel colors, buckle colors, special fabric options, reflective trim and more is what we delivered. It’s clean, simple, on-brand and follows all Product Customization best practices as to avoid Choice Overload and remain fun.

To get the word out, Chrome asked Akavit to create a community for fans to share their creations, leveraging social media to spread the Chrome Customs brand and unique selling points.The marketing facet of this project included a social media effort utilizing Facebook to create a community of Chrome Customs fans. The Facebook app connects directly with the Chrome ecomm site and draws in images from the Customizer itself. Users log in and choose to share images of their bags with stories about how it will be used, how many miles a day it will travel and what might be carried inside. The system allows users to upload home made customs as well as retail customs (those made in a Chrome retail store).