Akavit Wraps Up Winter With Brighton Resort

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Brighton Resort partnered with Akavit for the 2014-15 ski season to give their social presence a boost.

Brighton Resort partnered with Akavit for the 2014-15 ski season to give their social presence a boost. The targeted social strategy was a one-off, supplemental plan. Revolving around Brighton’s fantastic existing social and marketing strategy, Akavit stepped in to grow their most vital, yet complicated network – Twitter. Starting off with a simple handle and design rebrand, together we took the account to new heights.

Day to day posting and content sourcing for a ski resort is a no-brainer, and we knew that should continue to be handled in-house. The time-consuming and often overlooked key factor in a successful Twitter account is the engagement. It would take countless man hours away from the team to achieve the goals Brighton envisioned. So that partition created room for Akavit to play.

Over the season Akavit maintained an active and aggressive “grow, favorite, share” plan that included the resorts fans and thanked them for interacting. As this had never been the case, it was met with the highest excitement. Twitter is all about the ‘follow back’ and the ‘shout out’ and when Brighton started getting in on the game, the crowd loved it. Over a few months the account grew exponentially, got conversations going; and sourced authentic real time updates through the eyes of the followers. Today it’s not about what you say about you, it’s what your customers say. By watching for notifications, answering questions, and actively replying and thanking fans, customer sentiment grew positively, even in a low snow year for the resort.

“We had a few big pushes and goals we measured our social success against,” said Jared Winkler, Marketing Manager at Brighton Resort. “We went after the early season crowd with our Quad Wednesday campaign, wanted overall account growth and positive reputation built, and finally sought an increase in overall season pass and ticket sales. Combined with email marketing and comprehensive marketing plans we are able to see growth clearly attributed to these efforts that validated for us the investment and ROI.” The Quad Wednesday campaign resulted in over 2400 charity donations and increased early season day pass sales. The account grew well over 1000% in each category monitored – posts, page visits, followers, mentions and impressions.

The takeaway for both sides was the increasing relevance of social in customer service, support, and brand affinity. “We believe appreciating the existing market and embracing them on their terms is just good business, and an agency can step in to take that daunting task off a small team’s shoulders. We were an ally that grew the brand, business, and bottom line,” said Cat Killfoil, Social Marketing Director for Akavit.

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