Denver is a rising star for startups and economic development

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Alas, the (not so well kept) secret is out, Denver is a growth market. We who live here already knew that and went happily about our daily lives, below the spectacle of the limelight that some cities get. But Denver is booming and has been for a while. At Akavit, we’ve always felt a part of it. Even as we started this company during what’s often referred to as the biggest down cycle economy since the Great Depression. We’ve been growing every year, expanding our office, creating jobs and hiring people this whole time. Being a successful downtown interactive agency and as web and mobile app developers, we expect to be exposed to the undercurrent of expansion and development. We love it and live it. It comes with the territory. And our headquarters is situated in a booming little pocket on the fringe of downtown Denver known as the Golden Triangle, where there is seemingly a new company popping up every day. Take Galvanize for instance. They’re our new neighbors just down the street and have the ‘hood all in a buzz…not just because of the killer coffee, but because of their vision and the business and startup activity that they’ve got going. So, we know, things are happening. But it seems that people outside Colorado are starting to notice the acceleration. Apparently we’re #7 among 102 cities in a recent Business Journals economic index. Forbes sees Colorado as “...the Next Hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.” Some are even comparing us to Silicon Valley. Maybe. Who knows. Anyway, to the Colorado entrepreneurs out there and to the city of Denver, keep doing what you’re doing. And Congratulations on getting some of the recognition we deserve!

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